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6 Ways to Get Outside in 2023

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6 Best Ways to Get Outside in the New Year

Start your 2023 off right and get outside with us! With three locations and a large variety of tours, Outside has something for everyone to explore this year.

  1. For the History Buff- Daufuskie Island History and Artisan Excursion

This four-hour Daufuskie Island trip provides a glimpse into a fascinating chapter of Lowcountry history on the undeveloped side of the island. Visit several one-of-a-kind places guided by one of our Historians, including the First African Baptist Church, the Praise House, Mary Fields School, and the site of the Bloody Point Lighthouse. Meet local artisans and learn the rich history of the Native Americans, European settlers, the cotton trade, and the Gullah culture. This tour is sure to impress anyone who loves Lowcountry history!

  1. For the Avid Cyclist- Hilton Head Electric Bike Tour

There is no better way to experience Hilton Head than on the comfortable seat of a Pedego Electric Bike. This 2-hour tour dives into the fascinating history of Hilton Head and the Lowcountry’s heritage culture, Gullah. Enjoy a fun ride on our comfortable Pedego Electric Bikes with stops at important historical sites, including Mitchelville Freedom Park. Any level of cyclist will enjoy to extra kick the Pedego Electric Bike provides while taking in all the sites of the island!

  1. For the Adventurist Family- Ultimate Lowcountry Day

Outside’s signature program! The Ultimate Lowcountry Day is just that – the ultimate way to experience the authentic Lowcountry. This totally custom designed program is largely boating-based with options for a variety of adventures, activities and destinations – all put together into a program that will be engaging and enjoyable for every member of your family.  Everything from tubing to dock jumping, this adventure has something for everyone! All programs are inclusive of Captains, guides, destinations, all equipment and gear required for your chosen activities.

  1. For the Outdoor Enthusiast- The Outback

This is the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life! The Outback begins with a guided boat trip where the captain shares stories of the Lowcountry. Upon arriving at Outside’s private island, Page Island, you can explore the pristine sites before embarking on a paddle through the Daufuskie nature web. Your guide will provide a wealth of information about the local wildlife and ecosystem. This area boasts beautiful vistas, abundant wildlife and a unique history.

  1. For the Fisherman- Kayak Fishing

Kayaks allow you to access places that boats can’t, providing a one-of-a-kind fishing experience that you’ll never forget! As a bonus, you will enjoy the serenity and beauty of the tidal salt marsh from your kayak.  Our guides are not only skilled in the sport, but they are also passionate about it. Let them share their kayak fishing knowledge and experience with the fisherman in your life.

  1. For the Ultimate Yogi- Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Take in all the beauty of the salt marsh while finding your Zen with the unique yoga experience. Discover the benefits of yoga on a stand-up paddleboard! For beginners or advanced yogis, SUP yoga is aimed to draw awareness on the weight transfer of the poses. Learn how to stay centered on your board, increase balance, stability and core strength while being under the beautiful skies and guided by the water as a yoga mat. The perfect opportunity to become one with nature!