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Get Outside in Savannah!

a large ship in the water

Have you ever wanted to get up-close and personal to some of the biggest cargo ships in the world? This tour is for you! It starts off with a beautiful view of the Savannah skyline from the water and then makes its way under the iconic bridge into the Georgia Ports Authority. The Savannah Port is the nation’s largest port by volume, so there is never a shortage of ships to see.

The Savannah Port was established in 1773 and became one of the leading exporters of cotton in the world. The cotton gin was invented just above the Savannah River just 60 years later. In 1945, the Georgia Ports Authority was established in response to an economic boom following World War II.

Some other sights you will see along the river’s edge are the Imperial Sugar Refinery and the Savannah Paper Mill. The Paper Mill is famous amongst Savannah residents because of the distinct smelly odor it emits when it’s processing. Despite the smell, the Paper Mill was the largest paper mill in the world in the 1930’s and revived the economy in the South after the Great Depression. Today, you can see the Paper Mill in action from the river, but you will certainly smell it first! The Imperial Sugar Refinery is the last stop on the tour and worth the wait. It began production in 1917 when two men decided to move their sugar refining company and over 300 of their employees from Louisiana to Port Wentworth, Georgia. You will see front loaders scooping up tons of raw sugar from the ships and bringing them back to the refinery center.

This tour combines history and amazing views all while cruising around by boat, what more could you ask for?

To learn more about the Port Tour, visit our website here!


Written By

Sage Bayruns

Fall ’22 Marketing Intern