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Private Activities

Exclusive Private Activities and Tours in Hilton Head

Looking for a personalized adventure that’s perfect for your family or group? Our Hilton Head private tours and activities offer tailored experiences that create unforgettable memories. Whether planning a special celebration, a family outing, or just wanting to savor the island’s beauty in a private setting, we have ideal options for you!

Imagine setting sail on a private boat tour with just your loved ones, discovering hidden gems and enjoying pristine waters at your own pace. Choose from top excursions like the Dolphin Eco Tour or the serene Vanishing Island Beachcombing Cruise. For a full day of fun, the Ultimate Lowcountry Day offers a fully customized itinerary packed with activities that match your interests. Our Private Charters let you design your perfect day on the water, great for family gatherings, corporate events, or any special occasion.

For adventure seekers, our Private Shark Tooth Island Cruise and Private Outback excursions combine the thrill of treasure hunting with kayaking and boat tours, uniquely tailored to your group. Don’t miss the Private Fireworks & Nature Boat Cruise, blending the excitement of fireworks with the peacefulness of nature.

Our private tours give you the freedom to enjoy Hilton Head however you’d like, with personalized attention and a focus on your preferences. Be it celebrating a milestone or simply wanting to create a special day out, we provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments.

Book your exclusive adventure with Outside Hilton Head today and make the most of your time on the island!